How much should be the size of Artificial Grass Samples

September 3, 2018 0 By Tony

If access is tight, you may need to consider using 2m rolls

It’s also important to consider whether 4m rolls would be a viable option if access is through your house only.

4m rolls can be difficult to manoeuvre around corners and therefore you’ll need a fairly straight run to be able to carry the roll through your house.

4m rolls can also be very heavy.

You should always be able to fit 2m rolls through, though, as these can be carried in a vertical position and therefore will fit through a standard doorway.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with only using 2m rolls to complete your installation – it may just mean there are additional joints to secure. But remember that these will add additional installation time, plus additional joining tape and artificial grass glue.

An ideal scenario would be where your garden backs onto a road or driveway, allowing a small truck to pull alongside and crane in the aggregates using a HIAB crane. This saves a lot of time and therefore labour.

Fortunately, it’s rarely impossible to install artificial grass in your garden, but how good the access is quite often dictates how long an installation will take, and obviously the longer it takes, the higher the labour costs involved.